All the things I love, inspired by two people I adore.

Photography + Fabric + Sewing = Wearable Art. My new infinity scarves, from left to right,  After Roxy Paine ,  After Josef Albers , and  Striations .

Photography + Fabric + Sewing = Wearable Art. My new infinity scarves, from left to right, After Roxy Paine, After Josef Albers, and Striations.

I am ecstatic to share my newest creations - infinity scarves! I have had so much fun researching, designing, and learning how to make these beautiful pieces to start my line of designer apparel with. I’m connecting with my photographic work in a whole new way and I fall deeper in love with my chosen medium with each yard of fabric I design. Two of my scarves feature images from my Co-Authored collection, and the other is a stunning photograph of a snowy mountainside the winter after a terrible wildfire that blackened hillsides. (You can learn more about the images in the product descriptions.)

I have been thinking a lot lately about how thankful I am for the two people that inspired me into such an fun and meaningful shift in my retail creations and photographic work - my mother Melody and my older sister Julie.

I have deep gratitude for my mother, Melody. Years ago when I was preparing to enter middle school, Mom made the decision that Julie and I would spend that summer taking private sewing lessons with the girls that lived across the street from us (Hi Susan and Jenny!) That summer, on our sleepy street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the four of us learned how to machine sew on the breakfast nook table in our neighbor’s sunny kitchen. We made an entire outfit - a tank top and drawstring shorts. I can still remember the cotton fabric I choose - soft pastel pink and blues that were so chic that summer. Julie chose chambray.

I learned so much about machine sewing that summer. From picking and cutting a pattern to size, to understanding how different fabrics flow and how threading a needle requires quite a bit of concentration. I also learned how to rip seams. I did that a lot. I was lead footed on the pedal (still am, in my car) and would race to the end of the sewing line, and rarely in a perfectly straight line.

I can’t remember the name of our sewing instructor, but I clearly remember her face, and her calm voice reminding me to slow down, focus, and pay close attention to the details. At times I still hear her voice when I am at my sewing machine working on projects and feeling rushed.

A few years later, in high school, I used my skills to make my own clothes, mostly formal attire because I rarely found anything store-bought that I loved. I made a beautiful and funky purple taffeta and chiffon sleeved dress for homecoming my freshman year, and my senior year I made my own ball gown. I see pictures of me in those dresses and my huge smile of pride is so evident.

And I am smiling big today, because two things I love - photography and sewing - have come together for me in ways I never thought possible thanks to technology.

The idea to print my images on fabric came from the creative and business-minded brain of my sister Julie. A born designer, she is currently moving her career into surface design (watch out for her business empire in the next couple of years - we brainstorm a lot and she’s on fire!). She has been sharing the magic of the profession with me, and I’m hooked. After a year of researching and learning, experimenting with today’s print-on-demand technologies, and getting back into sewing on a regular basis - today I’m sharing the first items in my apparel line.

In the spring I will be phasing in more products, including tote bags, zipper pouches, and homewares such as pillows, placemats, napkins, and a range of other items that blend my love of art with the practicality we all need in our everyday objects. I’ll also be launching a line of affordable prints of my photographs to add color and funky sophistication to homes around the world.

May your holiday season be filled with all the things you love, and the people you adore.


Krista Joy