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HeartFound: Bright Hearted gift wrap

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Elevate your gift giving by wrapping presents with this high quality gift wrap. Created with stunning abstract photographs, this wrapping paper is uniquely beautiful and sure to delight. 

Product Details:

  • Digitally printed in the U.S.
  • Each sheet measures 20" x 28"
  • Glossy finish 
  • High quality Grade 80# paper

Part of the HeartFound collection, Krista - an avid museum-goer - made this image in the Firefly Infinity Mirror Room at the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona. Created by famed artist Yayoi Kusama, Krista turned her love for the installation piece into vibrant hearts.

About the HeartFound Collection:

"HeartFound is the love-child of an unplanned seven-year photographic adventure that taught me that the heart shape isn't the silly thing I remember doodling in my spiral notebook in sixth grade. It is a universal symbol that connects people in ways that are anything but sappy. Thanks to the insistence of my friends and photography students, I collected this quirky collection of heart shapes in hopes that you too will find the shape of Love in the places you least expect it." - Krista Joy Niles, photographer

The collection is featured in a softcover or hardcover book, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and magnets.

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Gift Wrap - Electric Heart.jpg
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