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Striations infinity scarf


This infinity scarf is classy and sassy! Contrasting black and white lines it will accent event the most arty outfit. Made of soft 100% premium cotton, this scarf features my photograph “Striations.”

Product Details:

  • Digitally printed in the U.S.

  • Handmade

  • Made from 100% premium cotton

  • Machine washable

  • Measures 25.5x9.5 inches

About the photo:


Tucson, Arizona USA

“I made this image during the first winter that I lived in Tucson, Arizona. I heard a rumor that the nearby mountain - Mt. Lemmon - had a small ski resort, and having spent my middle-school years in Colorado I love to ski. In search of the resort, instead I found a mountain in the early recovery stages of a massive forest fire that occurred a year prior. The delicate charred timber, in strong relief against the bright white snow, stretches vertically with shadows slanting in the early morning sun.” - Krista

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KJN - Infinity Scarf - Striations - 2 - Square.jpg
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